To promote their role in helping recruit the 40,000 strong workforce for this years Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, SEEK has extended their ‘Why Settle?’ proposition into a playful campaign highlighting the fact that a fulfilling career is closer than people think.

The campaign sees the brand search for a “Coach” to help support the games workforce, but an unlikely character turns-up and assumes the role. Through this character’s interactions with the various Commonwealth Games employees we learn of what it means to work in a fulfilling role.

A suite of playful content, aims to promote a campaign page on SEEK which helps those who would consider themselves in an unfulfilled role – giving them helpful hints and guidance to search & land their next ideal move.

View Volunteer Vignette.

View Money isn’t Everything Vignette.

View Follow your Passion Vignette.

View Borobi Vignette.

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