Infinity Squared offer full international production facilitation in Australia.

Our diverse range of locations and incredible climate can suit your creative requirements for TV commercials and /or content and stills campaigns. From beautiful pristine beaches, picturesque mountain ranges, tropical rainforests and cosmopolitan cities, Australia is known for its stunning landscapes and urban culture. The natural diversity of our backyard allows for the perfect backdrop of any production location.

We also boast world class crew, culturally diverse talent, quality equipment, and everything you need to bring your film production to life - with professionalism and Aussie friendliness too! The Australian Dollar is also currently favourable against major global currencies, making filming in Australia a cost-effective solution.

At Infinity Squared, we pride ourselves in over 10 years of international production facilitation services for film, television, TVC, and branded content entertainment, bringing unique production solutions right across Australia and beyond. Our team is consistently recognised for outstanding creative and high-quality production work all over the world.

We also provide a full offline post-production facility, MAD STUDIO. Our motion, animation and design studio specialises in the creation of effective, fit-for-channel video, digital and image content for social, mobile & broadcast. Having extensive experience, our studio team provide a deep understanding of making native, fit-for-channel assets across all paid, owned, and earned media alike.

Additionally, as the demand for streaming has grown exponentially in response to social distancing and isolation measures, we have specially tailored a full service LIVE STREAM option, through multiple platforms and inputs, helping you quickly go to market with a simple and viable product. We also assist with influencer partnerships, connecting you with the right people to promote your campaign, build authentic engagement, and foster a strong connection with the culture of the audience, putting you in the programming itself in a seamless manner.

We act as your production partner, equally committed to ensuring international productions come in on budget, on schedule and are an enjoyable experience for all involved.

We have an award-winning selection of local directors, producers, production managers, and post production team to accommodate all levels of production in Australia. No matter the brief, we manage projects of all sizes and deliver the highest level quality of work to meet your needs.